Welcome to EDQUEST SCIENCE. This site has been created to support Science Education ( 5-8 ) and ( 9-12 ) in the United States. All of these resources were developed by experienced Science teachers to supplement what is available to students, parents and teachers in their schools.  Public Access is available to students, parents and teachers free of charge. These resources include Summary Notes, Practice Tests and supplementary resources intended to assist the learning of Science concepts and principles for each unit, within each of the strands of Science. To access these resources use the navigation links at the top of the page, or click on the strand below.

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Premium Teaching Resources:

  • PowerPoint Instructional presentations
  • PowerPoint tests
  • Alternate tests that can be used instead of the Public resource practice tests
  • Modified Tests for students on an individual program - where modifications are required for the students to learn the concepts and principles
  • Supplementary resources (still in development) that can assist you in the process of INQUIRY.

To access  Premium Teaching Resources available ONLY to Teachers, Student Teachers and Home School Parents, a subscription is required.



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